Back to normal Sunday Songs.
Here’s promises, from Matt Papa and Matt Boswell.
Which means thoughtful lyrics and a singable melody.
Among the additional composers is Jonny Robinson and Rich Thompson who feature with CityAlight.
Which means additionally thoughtful lyrics and a more singable melody.

The lyrics:
I can always call you father
you chose me as your child
and your word is always faithful
you will not turn aside
now I live in full assurance
for my savior paid that price
every promise that you made me
is yes in Jesus Christ
You are faithful to your promises
We will trust in what the cross has said
Through the ages, hallelujah you are
Faithful to your promises
Are you with us in the fire?
Will you keep us in the storm?
Are you still the light that guides us
When the darkness overwhelms?
Through the doubts and through the valleys
through the passing years we find
Every promise you have spoken
Is yes in Jesus Christ
You will be our God
We will be your people
You will be with us
Keep us from all evil
Every promise made
Is a promise kept
You are faithful to your promises
You began this work within us
You will bring it to the end
You’re the one who goes before us
You will have the last, “Amen!”
So we set our hope upon this,
An on this we build our lives,
All your promises forever,
Are yes in Jesus Christ!

Words and Music: Matt Boswell, Matt Papa, Jonny Robinson, and Rich Thompson
© 2021 Getty Music Publishing (BMI), Messenger Hymns (BMI), Getty Music Hymns and Songs (ASCAP), and Love Your Enemies (ASCAP) (all admin by; CityAlight (APRA) (adm at

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