December 28 in the twelve days of Christmas remembers the innocents put to death because of the evil of Israel’s jealously insecure ruler King Herod.
This song called Flight To Egypt by Ordinary Time is about Jesus and his family’s flight to Egypt and the comfort that grieving parents have in the fulfilment of his life’s purpose.
It is our comfort still.

Old man waiting in the temple courts
he said it from the start:
The hope of nations, and of men
But he’ll do things to pierce your heart
and divide the world.

The silent night is passed and gone
And tyrants plan Your fate
But all the while, their response to You
Will determine their own way:
The road to joy or sorrow

A mighty flame flickers to a spark
There are three on the lonely road;
With the fear of kings back in the dark.
the tidings of great joy postponed
For the mothers back in Bethl’am.

He’s come to comfort the weeping ones, and
call their dead back to life, to life, and
O the blood that you failed to shed tonight
Will one day flow for such as you
If only you were humbled.

Our refugee will hurt more than this
He will be weaker still
But let your strength not make you blind
Run him off or have him killed
His peace will come with power.

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