Oh How We’ve Longed by Jonathan and Emily Martin, from their album Tell Me The Story.

The lyrics:

Oh how we’ve longed
To move out of this wilderness
To find a place of our own
Seared on our hearts
Is a far and distant memory
A garden we once called home

Oh how we’ve longed
To be free from this curse
We want to live but all flesh dies
Seared on our hearts is a sense of eternity
Of immortal life

A baby cries in our night
Born a King
With power to end our death
A Savior now in our flesh
To give us rest
And bring us back home with Him

Oh how we’ve longed
To have God come and live with us
Let’s build Him a place to dwell
Look see the ash
See the smoke
See the best we have to give
Go up in flames

Oh how we’ve longed to be clean
To be washed of all this sin
That weighs us down
Look see the ash
Smell the stench
All the blood spilt on the ground
Still not enough

A baby cries in our night
God with us
Walking with us again
A Savior born to die
A sacrifice
To cleanse us from all our sin

He has come to make all things new

Oh how we long
To see all of the promises of God
Our hope made sight
We carry on and we wait
For that day when He will come
Make all things right

Oh how we long for the Seed
For His heel to crush the head
Of our great foe
We carry on
Looking to that great day when will come
To us again

A baby cried in our night
The Son of God
He is the promised One
In triumph He’ll cry again
And we’ll shout “amen
Praise to the Holy One”

Words and Music: Jonathan Martin (c)

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