Continuing Sunday Songs on Monday with a hymn that I’m learning for a funeral tomorrow.
When a hymn is requested that I don’t know, it’s a sign that it expresses something of the personal faith of the person for who we’re giving thanks. I always count that a particular privilege.
So I’ve been learning Face To Face With Christ My Saviour.
Youtube is a treasure trove for this sort of thing, so tomorrow I’ll be channelling poor man’s Tennessee Ernie Ford (though probably a little faster).

Here’s a rendition by Ford.

And a bonus version by George Beverly Shea.

The lyrics

Face to face with Christ my Saviour 
Face to face what will it be 
When with rapture I behold Him 
Jesus Christ who died for me 
Face to face I shall behold Him 
Far beyond the starry sky 
Face to face in all His glory 
I shall see Him by and by 

Only faintly now I see Him 
With the darkling veil between 
But a blessed day is coming 
When His glory shall be seen 

What rejoicing in His presence 
When are banished grief or pain 
When the crooked ways are straightened 
And the dark things shall be plain 

Face to face O blissful moment 
Face to face to see and know 
Face to face with my Redeemer 
Jesus Christ who loves me so.  
Words: Carrie Elizabeth Ellis Breck
Music: FACE TO FACE (Grant Colfax Tullar) 

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