Shane and Shane have been around for a while, but I’ve never really gotten into them, though the material from them that I’ve heard has been okay.

This song is called Hallelujah, Christ Will Come Again.

The lyrics
Thy bleeding sacrifice O Christ
How brutal yet how splendid
That tragic act of love has paid
The price my sin demanded
From Eden’s wilted promises
To my heart’s dark affections
Thy bleeding sacrifice O Christ
Has purchased my redemption
There was no shame more deep than Thine
No agony more bitter
Now risen and exalted high
Is Jesus Christ the Savior
Who burst through every band of death
And trampled o’er the darkness
To give us life our very breath
Our Champion oh how glorious
Christ has died
Christ is Risen
Hallelujah Christ will come again
Thy glorious return O Christ
To ransom all God’s children
When trumpets howl and mountains shake
Announcing Heaven’s Splendor
The gates of New Jerusalem
Will open wide to greet us
And every tongue on earth will sing
All glory unto Jesus

Words and Music: Robbie Seay, Shane Barnard, James Tealy
© 2021 My Eleiht Songs | More Songs From Wellhouse | Songs From Wellhouse

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