Matt Boswell has been writing thoughtful, singable songs for worship for a while now, most recently in partnership with Matt Papa.
God Omniscient, God All Knowing is from his solo day back in 2015; it featured on his EP Messenger Hymns Volume 2.

The lyrics
God omniscient, God all knowing in his wisdom does ordain
Every working of creation to the glory of his name
Who his thoughts can dare to fathom, who is judgements can contain
None his equal, unassailable, He our God who ever reigns
God all keeping, omnipresent, in the passing days of man
First to last, not one forgotten by his strong and steering hand
He the Sovereign Lord now praise we, he the fount of Providence
On his word we rest unwavering, yes his perfect word shall stand
God omnipotent and mighty, inexhaustible his strength 

Governments and fleeting powers, melt before his majesty 

How unsearchable his greatness, how inscrutable his ways

Sing his greatness and preeminence over all created things
God unchanging, ever-faithful, to his covenant of grace
We his people Christ did ransom, to the glory of His name
Now ascribe unending worship, now ascribe immortal praise
To the God whose kingdom cometh, blessed be his matchless name

Words and Music: Matt Boswell
© 2015 Messenger Hymns (Admin. by Music Services, Inc.)

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