In a Christian culture that exhorts disciples of Jesus not to waste our pandemic experience or make sure we’ve got a side-hustle, the exhortation ‘Be still and know that I am God’ might suggest that the human problem is too much activity, not too little.
Here’s Carolyn Arends with her song God’s Speed (along with some cutting edge green screen video production).
The clip also features a cameo by Mark Buchanan’s book God Walk, which is currently sitting in my newly acquired pile.

Why so frantic
Little human
You’ve been racing
Long enough
It’s time for planting
Time for blooming
Growing at the
Speed of love
We’ve got to slow downTo catch up
Grow young
To grow up
No more chasing the wind
Let the Spirit lead
Till we slow down
To God’s Speed
May we slow down
To God’s speed

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