In tipping the win is the thing, not the margin.
So New South Wales’ win in State of Origin is just a win. Except, that was the most comprehensive win by a side who really looked like they weren’t even in top gear. I think they have some improvement in them. Which is a bit scary.
AFL has claimed a coach in Nathan Buckley. I saw the comment that for a club that prides itself on its internal culture, the two premierships they have won since 1958 were both under coaches who were outsiders. I’m not tipping a farewell win for Collingwood, either.
The NRL will be a matter of which NSW players back up well. I expect Penrith to be hungry, an outstanding aspect of a team and players that have had a lot of success, but still want to experience the top prizes. I don’t know why the wheels have fallen off Canberra, but playing Brisbane in Canberra could be a tonic.

(Draws count as correct)
NRL (last round 4/4; season tally 70/100)
Saint George

AFL (last round 5/6; season tally 68/105)
Port Adelaide
Gold Coast
Saint Kilda
Greater Western Sydney

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