My usb-drive is missing.
I had it Sunday morning and now I don’t know where it is.
There are a very limited range of places it could be, and it is not locatable at any of them.
It’s not life ending, but somewhat inconvenient and more embarrassing.
I use it to quickly transport files around instead of relying on network connectivity.
I could locate pretty much everything on it in other places.

Which leads to the Luke 15 stages of processing this loss.
I’m well past the the verses 3-7 stage where I’d just happily take the found drive on to our next task.
Which means that I’m at the border of moving from the verses 8-10 stage where I’d happily have party with whoever helps me find it, and am nearing the verses 11-32 point where, if we owned a fatted calf, it would be very, very nervous.

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