Lord, I Deserve Thy Deepest Wrath is a set of lyrics by Basil Manly to which Nathan Drake at Reawaken Hymns has given an new melody because he couldn’t find the original music in a suitable form to use.

The lyrics:
Lord, I deserve Thy deepest wrath,
ungrateful, faithless I have been;
no terrors have my soul deterred,
nor goodness wooed me from my sin.
My heart is vile, my mind depraved,
my flesh rebels against Thy will;
I am polluted in Thy sight,
yet, Lord, have mercy on me still
Have mercy on me
Lord, have mercy on me still
Have mercy on me
Lord, have mercy on me still
Without defense to Thee I look,
to Thee the only Savior fly;
without a hope, without a friend,
in deep distress to Thee I cry.
Speak peace to me, my sins forgive,
dwell Thou within my heart, O God;
the guilt and pow’r of sin remove,
and fit me for Thy blest abode.
Refrain x2

Words by Basil Manly, 1850. Music by Nathan Drake, 2019.

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