Matt Merker writes about the character of corporate public worship as a combination of gravity, gladness, and gratitude; and explains why the presence of all three in balanced measure are used to grow the people of God into the image of his son.
From the article at Crossway:

… the right combination of gravity, gladness, and gratitude will look different in different cultures. Yet these marks should all show up on Sundays. Some churches excel in demonstrating gravity, but a concern about becoming “over-emotional” keeps them from much feeling at all. Other churches excel in practicing gladness and gratitude. The music starts and enthusiasm flows fast. But the service lacks depth and seriousness. It feels more like youth group for grown-ups.
The connection between health and God’s glory goes in the other direction, too. Corporate worship should mold a congregation into a people more and more ravished by the beauty of God. Each Sunday meeting reorients a congregation’s spiritual compass. We gather, and God sets our wayward course back to where it needs to be: toward himself.


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