A couple of years ago I posted about Gene Kelly dancing on roller skates in the movie It’s Always Fair Weather.
I finally got to see the movie today.
After an exuberant opening, the storyline is somewhat downbeat for the majority of the movie, dealing with the experiences of three returned servicemen reuniting for the first time, ten years after the conclusion of World War 2.
Oddly enough, the less sentimental treatment may suit modern sensitivities more than the preferences of audiences back in 1955 when it was released.
For some reason two years ago I was somewhat dismissive of Kelly’s roller skate inspired solo dance, which is really quite impressive.
Another couple of signature Kelly pieces of choreography include the three male leads dancing with a metal rubbish lid on each of their left feet, and later the trio share a three-way split screen dance that makes imaginative use of the Cinemascope width of the screen.

The ending is somewhat hopefully wistful, as obstacles are more recognised, than definitively done away with.
Which is more like life.

Cyd Charisse also features, curiously not dancing with Kelly, but rather featuring with an ensemble in a boxing gym of all places; where she impresses the patrons with her command of relevant sporting knowledge. Among other things. Her singing is dubbed, but the dancing is all Charisse.

2 thoughts on “It’s Always Fair Weather

  1. Interesting song, but it misses the brief championship reign of Tommy Burns, born Noah Brusso.

    1. Gary Ware says:

      I wonder if the oversight was intentional or accidental.

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