In Contagious Holiness, Craig Blomberg examines the Jesus’ attendance at a variety of meals.
The rhetorical question is posed “Was Jesus A Party Animal?”
The Gospel accounts show Jesus at plenty of meals, the frequency of which itself is observed by some within the Gospel accounts.
It’s helpful to know that while Jesus was always on mission, he also seems to have given the appearance of enjoying himself.
Responding to his own question Blomberg observes:

…was Jesus a party animal? Not in the sense we usually mean by the expression: someone who simply loves to eat, drink and enjoy other forms of entertainment with friends just for the immense pleasure of it. There were always kingdom purposes involved in Jesus’ presence at banquets and other special meals. Yet it remains striking how willing he was to socialise, even in the intimacy of table fellowship, with anyone and everyone for the sake of accomplishing his mission.

Craig L. Blomberg, Contagious Holiness, IVP, 2005, pg. 129.

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