Lord Of The Sabbath, words and music (and rendition) by Keiko Ying.

The lyrics:
Lord of the Sabbath, here we confess
Hearts that are restless – though hands are at rest –
With relentless accusing of things left undone
Lord of the Sabbath, have mercy on us
Lord of the Sabbath, grant us your peace
See, we are anxious, a dark churning sea,
Inner whispers insisting we’re never enough.
Lord of the sabbath, have mercy on us
Lord of the Sabbath, quiet our souls
Grant us a respite from our inner storms,
Ever straining to gain what was won on the cross
Lord of the Sabbath, have mercy on us
Lord of the Sabbath, Jesus our hope
Soon you’ll return to restore the whole world
Bringing ultimate rest to your dearest belov’d
Lord, of the Sabbath have mercy on us

Words and Music: (c) Keiko Ying.

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