Sweet Charity is a crossover between classic and contemporary musicals.
After a bit of a wait for a region B blu-ray release, and then a bit of a wait while UK company Indicator sorted through some rights issues, my copy arrived today.
While the advertising posits it as ‘The Musical Excitement Of The Seventies’ it seems firmly located in the sixties, yet it really does point to what musicals would become in the decades since.

Bob Fosse’s choreography and direction maybe melded the elegance of Astair with the physicality of Kelly in a way where, while there is so much movement, no movement is wasted.
It is both economical and lavish.
I’ve always been enchanted by Sammy Davis Jr’s rendition of Rhythm Of Life, but there is so much more besides.
On a side note it was fascinating to see John McMartin, who features in this film pop up as the Ambassador from the USA in Working Dog’s movie The Dish.

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