This weekend has two games in each code, the winners of which will play a grand final, the losers of which will live with the knowledge that any of them really could have won their respective comps given their day.
They’ll know that this year they were realistically close, and that doesn’t happen very often, and adds to the sense of loss.
In the NRL Easts and the comp again have seen just how good a player Cooper Cronk was. He elevated good teams to an exceptional level.
And Souths are seeing the difference a great coach can make to their team. I expect that to stand both Souths and Melbourne in good stead this weekend.
In the AFL Richmond seem to have the most to lose, Brisbane the most to win, but Port Adelaide have more determination than any club in the comp and Geelong have the greatest gap between their best and worst of any top club.

(Draws count as correct)
NRL (last round 1/2; season tally 119/166)

(Draws count as correct)
AFL (last rounds 2/2; season tally 110/159)
Port Adelaide

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