Morning and Evening services conducted on August 30 with Mount Gambier Presbyterian Church.

Jesus is condemned to death on a charge of seeking to overthrow the civil authority. He goes to the cross in place of someone who is actually guilty of that crime. His kingdom is one founded on his personal innocence and his acceptance of the punishment due to others.
As a bonus, I’ve been waiting to sing Is He Worthy with mgpc since March 2018, and yesterday was the first time we introduced it to the congregation.

Jeremiah 29 contains well-known words about faithfully living as God’s people in an alien culture. The emphasis is accepting the circumstance as a means by which God is seeking to have his people draw closer to him, not to the foreign culture. After all, that was why they were being sent to exile. Rather than hearing false promises that encouraged them to stay the same, God’s people hear his word in terms of how we must change to draw deeper into trusting his grace.

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