Here are yesterday’s services from Mount Gambier Presbyterian.
Our COVID Marshall was on duty yesterday, which at least resulted in people giving him plenty of space. The personal habits of life-times take time to change, and the habits associated with a group activity in a personal space take time to adjust to as well. We’re presently singing with the congregation seated, but its hard not to invite people to stand when introducing a song. Fortunately it’s easy to laugh at ourselves while taking the matter as seriously as it needs to be.

In our morning service Mark’s Gospel takes the time to indirectly show us how Jesus set the model for his disciples to follow, and how when we try to establish our own way of behaving it just doesn’t hold up. It’s Jesus or nothing.

Sunday evening, Jeremiah 28 provides the account of what happens when a prophet comes and brings exactly the false message that God warned his people about in Jeremiah 27. A prophet named Hananiah decides to take on Jeremiah in a title fight over who is the true prophet. Hananiah (and the rest of us) find out that he was really in a fight with God, which he loses in definitive fashion. In that loss, however, are the presences of God’s gracious care toward his own.

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