Behold is from one of the earlier albums in which EMU Music sort of changed the guard from the original musical cohort to newer (younger) voices.
It still seems characteristic of their output, thoughtful lyrics – serviceable melody.
This acoustic rendition portrays the simple earnestness of the song.

Who is worthy of all honour, praise and splendour? Only Jesus
Who is holy, robed in glory, enthroned forever? Only Jesus

For he has overcome the grave
With heaven we lift our voice to praise

We behold the Lamb of God
Who takes away the sin of the world
And we see him seated on the throne
By his blood we’ve been redeemed
We once were dead but now we’re free
And we praise the king above all kings

  1. Who is worthy of our reverence, of our worship? Only Jesus
    Who is mighty, Judah’s lion, king forever? Only Jesus

For he is coming back again
And then forever we will sing


Words and Music: Liv Chapman and Curtis Smith.
© 2018 Liv Chapman, Curtis Smith

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