These two are the rounds before things go bonkers in the AFL again.
It seems remarkable that Adelaide can be running stone motherless last and there does not seem to be a semblance of the drama that has ended four NRL coaching positions so far this year. It’s highly possible no coaching changes will be made at all this year. It’s actually more likely another NRL head or two will join the four rolling on the floor already than any AFL coaches will lose their jobs.
If it was anywhere other than Adelaide the deal would be done. Adelaide’s culture seems to deal with underachievement better than most, for some reason.
The NRL is show business, people are entertained on the level of soap opera; the AFL is a culture, people are participants in it, it’s part of the fabric of their life.
The only time league get to that is State of Origin. Conversely, when AFL does State of Origin that’s more like entertainment only.
That’s not a reflection on the players, and their respective athletic skills, it’s just my experience of how people engage with the two sports.

(Draws count as correct)
NRL (last round 6/8; season tally 80/112)
Saint George
New Zealand
(Draws count as correct)
AFL (last rounds 5/9; season tally 65/104)
Western Bulldogs
Port Adelaide
West Coast

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