Here are yesterday’s services from Mount Gambier Presbyterian.
Our morning music team members were not available, so I had to get by on my own. I’m sorry you can’t hear the congregational singing from Mount Gambier. One of our goals is that the Congregation is central instrument and everything else simply supports that.

In our morning service Mark’s Gospel provides the account of Jesus’ trial, where there are direct and indirect lessons to be learned. Directly, Jesus goes through the unique experience whereby he is condemned for his self-identification, a condemnation which further proves that he was who he claimed to be. Indirectly, Jesus’ experience instructs his disciples about endurance and faithfulness.

Sunday evening sees God inform the rulers of nations that they are all under his authority, a lesson which is repeated for his own people who have stubbornly resisted his rule. Rather that resisting the yoke that God provides and suffer destruction, there is a gracious invitation to accept the yoke and be preserved. It is little surprise that Jesus spoke of his own presence in the lives of his disciples as being a yoke that is easy, a burden that is light.

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