O Breath Of Life was a Trevor Hodge melody for an old hymn lyric that featured on an EMU Music album of other retuned hymns called Breath Of Life.
When I reviewed the album nine years ago I pronounced O Breath Of Life the pick of songs featured.
What I said about the rest of the album sounds a bit harsh from me, but I also haven’t listened to the album in question since that time, so maybe not.

Hodge’s skill in creating contemporary style melodies that are inviting and don’t seem to date is on display here in the simple presentation of this video which was recorded for use by churches during the COVID-19 shutdown of services and subsequent limit on singing during public worship.

The lyrics:
O Breath of Life come sweeping through us
Revive Your church with life and power
O Breath of Life come cleanse renew us
And fit Your church to meet this hour
O Breath of Love come breathe within
Renewing thought and will and heart
Come love of Christ afresh to win
Revive Your church in every part
(O Breath of Love)
O Wind of God come bend us break us
Till humbly we confess our need
Then in Your tenderness remake us
Revive restore for this we plead
Revive us Lord is zeal abating
While harvest fields are vast and ripe
Revive us Lord the world is waiting
Equip Your church to spread the light

Words: Elizabeth Ann Porter Head – Public Domain
Music: © 2009 Hodge, Trevor

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