I can’t find that I’ve posted How Shall I Sing That Majesty on a Sunday or any other time, which is weird, but these are weird times, so here it is.
This lyric video was released by Stuart Townend.
In the story behind the song Townend credits John Mason’s hymn of the same name as being a starting point for this song.
I think the degree to which it hangs around the original before it departs might have merited an acknowledgement to Mason in the actual credits for the song.

The lyrics:
How shall I sing that majesty
That angels do admire?
Their thunderous voices bid me come:
Sing, sing O heavenly choir!
Sing all you angels gathered round
The throne of God Most High.
Sing with the saints and all created things
To praise the Lord of life.
The planets spin in sheer delight
As galaxies conspire
To fill the universe with light:
Sing, sing O heavenly choir!
The saints who lived and died in grace
Have found their heart’s desire,
And gaze upon the Saviour’s face:
Sing, sing O heavenly choir!
So let my voice resound with those
Whose praise will never die;
Praise Father, Son and Holy Ghost:
Sing, sing O heavenly choir!

Words and Music: Ed Cash, Keith Getty, Kristyn Getty, and Stuart Townend
Copyright © 2018 Alletrop Music/Getty Music Publishing/Townend Songs (Adm. by Song Solutions http://www.songsolutions.org).

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