During this season the Psalms are voicing the laments and questions of God’s people; they are also voicing our testimonies of security and peace.
Wendell Kimbrough has released this adaption of Psalm 23, His Love Is My Resting Place, which may have been heard read today in churches which follow the lectionary.
I appreciate how people are gravitating toward songs that have strong lyrics and which can be sung in simplicity.

The lyrics: His Love is My Resting Place (Psalm 23)

The Lord is my guide and friend
I rest well when I’m with him
No hunger or thirst or anxious need
When my Lord is here with me

His love is my resting place
My Shepherd is kind, and full of grace
The arms of my Lord are strong and safe
His love is my resting place

The shadow of death may fall
With darkness upon my way,
But always my Lord is near to me.
His love is my resting place.

Your goodness will be my feast
Your kindness will overflow
And always your love will follow me
And your house will be my home
Words & Music: © 2020 Wendell Kimbrough.

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