The season of lament seems to have taken root, and even the promise of celebration at Easter is coloured by the fact that that celebration will be with the Lord but in the absence of the physical presence of His people this year.
Belwether Arts have produced an EP of songs suitable for the reflections of this season in the church year, and for the current cultural moment of Covid-19.
This song is based on the transition from the season of Lent to Palm Sunday, a time when the events of Jesus’ condemnation and rejection come to focus.
It is recorded with the hymn tune EBENEZER.

The lyrics:
In this forty days of fasting
May your kingdom grow in power
Full of humble saints ascending
Interceding for this hour
In the midst of pain and sorrow
As we journey in the wild
Full of fear and great temptations
Longing to be reconciled
Pour your peace and shower comfort
Hope and light from heaven’s son
Lord have mercy, Christ have mercy
Kyrie Eleison
Send your fire, and send your angels
Minister your grace to us
In the storm, and in the stillness
Guide us from the wilderness
Now with Jesus on the journey
Leading soon to Calvary
Voices crying “Son of David”
Man of sorrows, set us free
For the Vict’ry we are waiting;
“Hallelujah” saints will sing
In the light of Easter morning
Jesus rises as the King

Words by Bruce Benedict, with significant support from Andy Bast and Noah McLaren.
Lyrics: © 2020 Cardiphonia Music.
Music (EBENEZER D) by Thomas J. Williams, 1890, arranged by Andy Bast, 2020.

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