Heaven can be spoken about by Christians in ways that can contribute to a misconception that it is a destination rather than a staging point.
There’s nothing wrong with acknowledging the blessing that awaits believers after death and before the return of Jesus.
But that acknowledgement should not cloud the fact that our ultimate hope is for a state of existence that is a greater blessing again.

Chad Bird writes

What happens when believers in Christ die? They go to a place called Paradise (Luke 23:43). They are with Christ (Phil. 1:23). Or, if you prefer, they go to heaven.
This is all well and good. Indeed, better than good! We are with our Lord. We are with the saints and angels. What could be better? Actually, there’s a whole lot that could be better. Much better. And it will be.
Why can I not wait to get out of heaven? Because heaven is not my everlasting home. It’s like that hotel room where I stay while on the way to my new, lovely, perfect home. Oh, yes, it’s the best hotel room ever. No argument there. It’s complete with angels and saints and Jesus.
But, when the morning of the new creation dawns, I’ll pack my bags, leave my key at the front desk, and step down into the perfect earth with the perfect body that the Creator has provided for me. Won’t you join me? Let’s stand in our resurrected bodies beside the resurrected Christ and gaze upon the world of glory, the new Zion, come down out of heaven to earth.
Heaven is great, don’t me wrong. But the resurrection of the body and the life everlasting, living in the new earth as fully bodied humans, reflecting the glory of the fully bodied Messiah—that’s the goal. That’s the destination. That is our final home.
Home, for the Christian, is not the hotel room of heaven but the new earth of the resurrection.

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