Robin And The 7 Hoods isn’t a complete success as a musical or a movie, but I’ve always liked it.
It lacks a certain lightness that some attribute to real world tragedies that were taking place during its filming. (Notably the assassination of John F Kennedy)
It was either the last or pretty close to the last musical movie that Frank Sinatra, Bing Crosby, or Dean Martin starred in, so it certainly represents something of a transition in Hollywood history from that regard, as well.
All the songs are sung by males, Barbara Harris, the only female member of the cast with a proper role doesn’t sing at all. But don’t feel bad for her.
Everyone gets a song or two to demonstrate their signature styles, which is very satisfying. Sammy Davis Jr’s number probably has the most energy.

Mr Booze takes place when a gambling speakeasy transforms into a revival meeting (led by Bing Crosby) in order to avoid detection during a police raid.

Style is style transformation of Bing Crosby’s verbose but dowdy character in number that includes Dean Martin and Frank Sinatra. (and perhaps evokes Sinatra and Crosby’s duet of Did You Evah from High Society.)

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