I’ve given some Funko Pop Vinyls to some of my kids.
But I don’t buy them for myself.
I’m bit off put about the way they’re crowding older style models and action figures out of the shelves.
There’s not anything wrong with them, and as a simple gift choice they make buying an inexpensive present easy.
However, I’m a collector at heart, and these things would be lethal.

This Vox article about Pops features on collector who owns 1080 of the 8366 individual figures released so far.
You can be sure that since this article was written both those numbers have gone up.

Find out about how long it takes to produce a new figure, the way they’ve penetrated all sorts of retailers beyond traditional toy stores, and the particular design details that causes people to find them attractive.

Read about a cultural phenomenon at Vox.

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