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Inevitable Betrayal Dinosaurs

This Inevitable Betrayal Dinosaur set was at an irresistible price at Zing today.

I saw them on Saturday and didn’t buy them then, but my decision to get them today was both sudden and inevitable.

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Batman 66

A 1966 TV Batmobile and Dynamic Duo.

Batgirl, Catwoman, and three lesser known villains: Mr Freeze, King Tut and Bookworm. Catwoman will only ever be Julie Newmar. King Tut was played by Victor Bueno, Bookworm by Roddy McDowell. Three actors played Mr Freeze, this figure is based on Otto Preminger.

The absence of the ‘A’ list villains hints at a second release of these. You never know.

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Yes Commissioner?

This Batphone won’t actually work.

Though there are such things available on the internet if your discretionary budget permits.

For us more modest denizens of Gotham this will suffice.

(Aficionados will recognize this is based on the Batmobile’s mobile Batphone, rather than the desktop version found in study, Batcave and Commissioner Gordon’s office.)

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Danger, Will Robinson

Class M-3, Model B9, General Utility Non-Theorizing Environmental Robot, joins the denizens of the Batcave.

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What would Mount Gambier’s Batcave Of Evangelicalism be without Batcow in residence?

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Serenity Plush

A plush version of Serenity from Firefly.

I’ll try for a better photo tomorrow.

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This Jyn Erso lego figure was marked well down at K-Mart.
She’ll make a fine counterpart to Rey.