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Jesus Is Alive – Sunday Songs

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Jesus Is Alive is the final song from CityAlight’s recently released five track EP Yet Not I that I’m posting here.
It’s sort of mid-tempo, with musical hooks that you feel comfortable with pretty quickly.
A song of those who are being gathered celebrating their gathering together.

There is now a hope that lasts beyond our days
For the one that once was buried lives again
Now the tomb is bare and empty and the stone is rolled away
Praise the Risen one who overcame the grave
All you broken hearted, all you worn and weak
Come find living water, everlasting streams
To the wandering spirit, lost and searching wanting something more
Find the risen king who overcomes the world
Let there be dancing in the darkness
And let our song break through the night
Lift your voice and sing that Christ is King
For Jesus is Alive
No more condemnation, no more doubt and fear
For our sin and shame they have no power here
In his resurrection, perfect love has set the captives free
Praise the risen king who stands in victory
Hallelujah, death is undone
Hallelujah, Jesus has won
Hallelujah, we overcome
Oh in Jesus, Oh in Jesus

Words and Music: Michael Farren, Tiarne Tranter, Jaywan Maxwell, Jesse Reeves, Niki Shepherd & James Tealy
© CityAlight Music

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