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Faith In Wisdom (preparing for MGPC 11/3/18)

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Song: Jerusalem
Call to Worship
Song: This Is Amazing Grace
Prayer Of Confession
Song: The Foolish Suffered For Their Sins
Affirming our Faith: New City Catechism 30
Song: Worship, Honour, Glory, Blessing
Bible Reading: Esther 6:1-13 – Esther prepares a feast for the king and the wicked Haman, while Haman prepares gallows for Mordecai.
Bible Memorisation: James 4:7-8a
Song: Speak, O Lord
Bible Reading: James 3:13-18
Video: James Bumper
Sermon: Faith In Wisdom
The Lord’s Supper (gf bread) Guests who are members of any Christian church are invited to share in the supper. If you are uncertain about your situation don’t feel under compulsion to participate. Talk to one of our elders or pastors after the service.
Song: Rise Up, You Saints Of God (Tithes & free will offerings will be taken up during this song. Guests are not obligated to give an offering.)
Pastoral Prayer:
Closing Blessing
Song: This I Believe

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