Chris Castaldo explains the inclusion of Scripture reading in the corporate worship of the congregation to which he belongs. In doing so, while acknowledging that all the elements are equal and should not be set against each other, he maintains that the public reading of the Bible is central to gathered worship.
This stands in contrast to Bible believing churches including less actual Bible reading in their services.
From Castaldo:

Christian worship, by its very nature, is focused on Christ; therefore, our worship should have the Word at the center. Hence Paul’s admonition to remain devoted to the Bible’s public reading. Although in Timothy’s context, this reading aloud in worship would have consisted mainly of Old Testament readings (since the New Testament had not yet been completed), the imperative applies to the entire canon. Christian worship, to be Christian in the fullest sense, must prioritize Scripture reading.
And there is another reason. Preachers may be informed by theological study, wisdom, and experience, but their sermons are not inspired by the Holy Spirit. Scripture alone is inspired. Therefore, Scripture reading is in a class by itself among other elements of Sunday morning worship. Without pitting Scripture reading and sermon against one another, we want to recognize the preeminence of the text itself. Its reading, you might say, is the main event.

Read the whole post here.

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