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Pastoral Leadership Capital (via Marty Duren)

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A couple of articles by Marty Duran about ‘Pastoral Leadership Capital’ which is a term for the trust that a pastor can build with a congregation that enables needed change to be implemented, or even mis-steps to be forgiven and moved on from.

There are two parts here and here.

Part one.

In my opinion, Pastoral Leadership Capital shares some components of business-oriented leadership capital, but likely gains more through the relational experiences unique to pastoring. Pastoral Leadership Capital is gained through ministry in times of grief (funerals, loss of jobs, loss of health), times of joy (visiting during new births, weddings), personal discipleship, compassion, long-tenure, and other life-sharing events or journeying together spiritually. In most instances, this differs from business.
When a pastor says, “I think God is leading us to…” make a certain change or take on a certain challenge, perhaps unconsciously, the congregation evaluates whether said pastor has enough capital to “buy” their involvement. Has he “earned” the right to ask for their support and lead the endeavor? The pastor may have intellectual capacity, understand the church’s power dynamics, and be of sound financial mind. But, how long has he been on the field? Has he walked them through the valley of the shadow of death? Has he earned trust?
If not, the pastor may be leading on hopes and wishes rather than capital.

Read the whole post here.

Part two.

The flip side of good decisions that increase capital are bad decisions that destroy it. Bad decisions that eat away at your capital like fees through a checking account. Blunders—accidental or simply unwise—reduce available capital. Carnality, ignoring the family, and other things that undermine credibility could lead to an account balance so far underwater the pastor’s own family would struggle with a vote of confidence.
Building capital can be arduous. Do not allow fees to consume it leaving you nothing to spend when needed.
Every “win” of leadership earns capital for future leadership decisions. And, the better your decisions the quicker you may see your spent capital replenished. Smart investments lead to good rewards.

Read the whole post here.

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