As part of worship tomorrow at MGPC the Bible will be read (and sung).
However we may feel that the expression of the other elements can be focussed and improved, that one part is perfect.

From Erik Raymond:

But here’s the truth: no matter how many times you practice the song, how well you angle the lights, or build your props, you will never get it perfect. The truth is, everything we touch is smudged with sin. No matter how hard we try we can’t produce a perfect worship service.
But don’t check out in hopelessness on me. There is a way to have at least a portion of your service be perfect. The answer may come from a surprising source. The only perfect part of the Sunday service is when the Bible is read. When we open up the Scriptures and read the Word of God we are ensuring that perfection is on display. After all, the Bible is the perfect Word of God.

The article also includes suggestions about how to better include Scripture in worship.
There are explanatory sections for each of these points at the article:

Frame the entire service around the Word.
Introduce different genres of Scripture.
Don’t be afraid to read lengthy sections of Scripture.
Read the Bible before preaching.
Provide explanation before reading.
Train those reading Scripture to read it well.
Utilize responsive reading.

Read the whole post at the Gospel Coalition.

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