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I Want To Know You – Sunday Songs

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I Want To Know You from CityAlight’s album Only A Holy God.

The lyrics.
I’ve tried in vain a thousand ways
My fears to quell, my hopes to raise
But what I need, Your word has said
Is ever, only, Jesus
You died, you live, you reign, you plead
There’s love in all your words and deeds
This weary heart finds all it needs
In ever, only, Jesus
I want to know you, Jesus my Lord
King of the Heavens, King of my soul
I trade my treasure and all my rewards
Jesus to know you, then know you more
Though some should curse me for your name
I have no fear, I have no shame
You stand with me for all my days
My ever, only, Jesus
Like wave after wave on the ocean
Like all of the sand on the shore
Your beauty and glory are endless
O Jesus I must know you more
Repeat bridge.
Repeat chorus.

Words & Music: Michael Farren, Jonny Robinson, Rich Thompson, James Proctor
CCLI 7073331

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