In the time of hiatus (in Australia, at any case) which is December-January Rory Shiner outlines a process of questioning and refining the scheduling of church activities.
At the post at Go There For Shiner provides background and expands on the rationales for each question.
I need to spend time thinking about the smorgasbord versus targeted idea of activities.
The questions:

Why are we doing what we are doing?
Are we working with the natural rhythms of life where possible?

Are you offering a smorgasbord of programs, and trusting people to choose what they need?
Or, instead of a smorgasbord, have you articulated a limited suite of commitments that you expect everyone to be involved in? If so, is that suite reasonable and life-giving?

Do the challenges that come in the preaching fit with the implied message of the scheduling?
Does the value of the event reflect the earnestness of your requests that people be there?

Are the rhythms right?
Are weekday evenings the best time for discipleship?
Does a regular thing need to be a weekly thing?

Read the rest of the post here.

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