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Reasons To Love Corporate Public Worship (via David Robertson)

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From a post on the St Peter’s Dundee blog here are three of the reasons that David Robertson loves public worship.
We’ve loved incorporating these into the life of MGPC.
From the post:

  • I love the public prayers – The opening prayer of praise, the pastoral prayer by an elder for the congregation, the prayer for mission work and the prayer after the sermon. Sometimes we say the Lord’s Prayer together. Collective prayer is an essential part of public worship – not to be hurried, nor neglected and, like the praise, not to be a performance. I love the fact that we have different people lead us in public prayer with different styles: some come with a written out prayer, others are more extempore, but all enable us to pray with them and say amen at the end. In intercessory prayer we remember not just those present, but those absent, our political leaders, our communities and God’s people and mission throughout the world.
  • I love the confession of sin and assurance of forgiveness – A few years ago I realized that whilst in many churches there was a common confession of sin through the pastoral prayer and the psalm and it seemed to me that we were missing out on something essential. We need to collectively confess our sin, so we say together a confession (often from the Book of Common Prayer) and then hear from the Scriptures an assurance of the salvation, love and mercy of God.
  • I love the systematic reading of Scripture – Because I was concerned about the level of biblical literacy and because we wanted to honour the Word of God and let people know that we take all the word seriously, we systematically read through a book of the Old Testament and a book of the New Testament. This has been a great blessing to us. We are, as Begg stresses, under the control of the Scriptures.

Read the rest here.

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