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Making Changes In A Church (via Nick Batzig at Christward Collective)

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I find value in reading posts on the theme of change from differing authors.
There are many common threads, such as the main ideas of this post by Nick Batzig, which include: planning, communication, focus, and consistency.
A sample:

Sessions must lead the congregation forward by means of informational newsletters, meetings and/or personal conversations. Some congregants will need more informing than others. Speaking to the church as a whole during an informational meeting is usually the best course of action. This keeps factions and discontented members at bay. One of my mentors used to always tell me, “You want to be far enough out in front of the congregation to lead them forward, but not out in front of them too much so that they do not know where they are going.” Knowing what the best way(s) in which to inform the congregation of upcoming changes takes great wisdom.

Read Batzig’s other observations here.

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