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If Jesus Loved The Psalms, Christians Should Love Them Too (via Mark Johnson)

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Mark Johnson writes about the paradox of people who love and follow Jesus not using the songs that Jesus loved and used in his own life as part of their worship:
In conclusion:

The greatest reason for loving the psalms and for using them for worship and to aid us in the ongoing task of composing hymns and spiritual songs through every generation is that Jesus loved them. He loved them because they were all about him as previews of his incarnation, life and work. He loved them because they provided a musical route map to the course his life had to follow in order to secure salvation. He loved them because they led through death to resurrection and the eternal glory of the world to come. He proved that he loved them because he was forever singing and quoting them – even in his darkest hour. And if he loved them, then we his children should love them and dig deep into their content to appreciate what made them special. When we do that, it will not only deepen our appreciation of the psalms, it will also enrich the quality of the hymns and songs the church produces for God’s glory and his people’s joy.

Read the whole post here.

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