I got my download of Keith & Kristyn Getty’s new album Facing A Task Unfinished yesterday.
While waiting for some lyric videos or similar from the album here’s a song from last year, My Soul Longs For The Lord, co-written with Graham Kendrick.

The lyrics:
My soul longs for The Lord in a weary land
Wells are dry and I am empty,
Only dust in my hands.
How I yearn for streams of mercy
Where my soul can be restored
‘Come and drink’ Jesus calls me,
‘and you will thirst no more’
Oh the fullness of Christ
Word of God Word of life
Living Word you walked among us, our Emmanuel
And you spoke into the darkness
Broke the powers of hell
Grace and mercy flowed from Calv’ry
To the valley of our need
It is done, ‘It is finished’,
From every sin set free
Oh the victory of Christ
Word of God, Word of life
How often in the stillness have I heard your voice
Every whisper every promise calls my heart to rejoice
In the quiet of the morning, through the watches of the night
In the fire of my struggles,
There’s courage for the fight
Oh the power of Christ
Word of God, Word of life
My soul longs to walk closer with The Lord I serve
More than riches, more than favor
I delight in Your Word
Turn my gaze from all that’s worthless
Set my heart on things above
May my life tell Your goodness
Your way of truth and love
Oh the wisdom of Christ
Word of God, word of life
My soul longs for the day I will see your face
Hear Your shout of jubilation,
No more tears, death or pain
Every word at last accomplished
Heaven sings and earth replies
To our God be the glory let all creation cry
Praise and honor to Christ
Word of God Word of life

My Soul Longs for the Lord
Keith Getty, Kristyn Getty, Graham Kendrick
2015 Getty Music Publishing (BMI) and Makeway Music (Adm. by musicservices.org)

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