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The Good Testimony (preparing for mgpc 29/5/2016)

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Songs of preparation: When Morning Gilds The Skies and Sing Unto The Lord A New Song (Psalm 96).
Call to worship:
Praise: I Stand Amazed.
Corporate Prayer of Confession:
Song of assurance, confession of faith, doxology: My Lord, What Love Is This? (Amazing Love); The Apostle’s Creed; Worship, Honour, Glory, Blessing.
Consecutive reading: Hebrews 12:18-28 – The old covenant, represented by Mt. Sinai, is unfavorably compared with the new covenant, represented by Mt. Zion, the heavenly Jerusalem.
Praise: Saviour, While My Heart Is Tender.
Reading: Acts 21: 37 – 22: 29.
Sermon: The Good Testimony – Paul weaves common history, personal experience, and the revelation of God together to reach out to those who stand against him so that the Gospel may be shared with all.
Pastoral prayer.
Tithes and offerings.
Departing praise: All My Days (Beautiful Saviour).

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