God’s people gather each Lord’s Day.
The now and not yet meet as we proclaim Jesus’ death and resurrection until he returns.
From Iain Duguid:

Yet while the kingdom of God came to earth in the person of Jesus more than two millennia ago, its final consummation remains our future hope. That is why Jesus taught His disciples to pray for the coming of the kingdom (Matt. 6:10) and to wait expectantly for it, even if it were long in coming (Matt. 25). God’s reign has begun, bringing with it peace and joy for His people, but we have not yet seen the new heavens and the new earth of which the prophets spoke. In a profound sense, with the coming of Christ, and especially with His death and resurrection, the kingdom of this world has already become the kingdom of our God and of His Christ (Rev. 11:15). However, we have not yet arrived at the new Jerusalem, which itself encompasses a new Eden, drawing all of human history to a cosmic completion. Though we cannot yet see it, the end of the story is sure. The stone has struck the feet of clay of the power structures of this age and begun their final fragmentation into dust (Dan. 2:34–35). For all their glory and proud posturing, the writing is on the wall concerning the kings and empires of this world – their demise is sure. The kingdom of God is the only kingdom that lasts forever.

Read the whole post here.

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