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Promise Of The Ages – Sunday Songs

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We spent a wonderful day at mgpc marking the 20th anniversary of the opening and dedication of our church complex and also farewelling Ian and Heather Touzel.
It was a time of affirming the centrality of the Gospel, and giving thanks for the way in which the Gospel has been lived out in service, fellowship and witness.
A great occasion to gather memories that lead us on toward future expressions of ministry and mission.

Promise Of The Ages is a song that shares the focus on Jesus that has been the touchstone of our church’s life.

The lyrics:
God’s saints of old
Through history told
Of the One who was to come:
A son, a king,
A Lamb to be slain
For the sins of all the world.
He’s the Promise of the Ages,
Lifted up to save us,
Jesus Christ, our sacrifice.
He’s the Fount of living water,
King and Friend forever,
Bow before
The Promise of the Ages.
In flesh he came,
Yet chose to remain
With the outcast and the poor.
He bled, he died,
Was raised, glorified,
Now he lives forever more!
Lift your hands and sing ‘hallelujah’
To the King of all the earth
Raise your voice and sing ‘hallelujah’
To the King of all the earth.
How long until
The earth will be filled
With the knowledge of the Lord;
When he shall come,
When nations and tongues
Will be joined in glorious song?

Ed Cash, Keith Getty & Stuart Townend
Copyright © 2014 Alletrop Music, Getty Music Publishing (BMI), Townsend Songs
(Adm. by Song Solutions Copycare

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