David Robertson writes about why he loves the public worship of God with great enthusiasm.
He touches on making the most of the opportunity to partake of the means of grace by gathering with God’s people twice each Lord’s Day.

The bible does not mandate two services but for us it is important. Why? Because it is a tool to obtain what the Bible does mandate. It protects the Lords Day (by ‘bookending it), because in relative terms our morning services are short (75-90 minutes), because we need the teaching and the fellowship, because it is an opportunity for outreach, and an opportunity for children to come and hear a sermon (after being at Sunday school in the morning). I understand those who are tired, who are working shifts, have family responsibilities etc., but I really struggle to understand Christians who profess to love Christ, his Word and his people, who stay at home and just watch TV when they could be with their family and their Lord!

Read the whole post here. It’s worth it.

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