At mgpc we’ve included corporate prayers confessing sin and repentance as part of our corporate worship.
This is followed by a verse from the Bible that announces absolution.
It’s taken a while to get folk used to reading a prayer in unison as that hasn’t been part of our tradition.
But for some it may be the only time all week they confess their sin to God in prayer and receive assurance of His forgiveness.
This article both commends the practice and describes some of the other forms a corporate confession of this type can take.
From the post:

One way some churches address this need is by scripting a time of congregational confession. Because many churches who use this element of worship choose to utilize formal approaches, some see this time in the service as either stale or insincere. If that is your opinion, you should not give up so easily.
There are fresh and creative ways to help the Body of Christ confront themselves and their sin, embracing humility and submission to Holy God through a time of corporate confession and repentance.

Read the whole post, What’s Missing From Our Worship at Mark 12:30.

One thought on “Confession Of Sin In Corporate Worship (via Marc Brown)

  1. Marc Brown says:

    Thank you for the link Gary! I’m glad my thoughts on this matter have proved encouraging. Blessings to you and those who worship with you at mgpc.

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