Interesting online article about a day spent in outback South Australia delivering mail.
The perspective is that of a writer from the USA, which also adds a cross-cultural element to the observances about life in a region where humans are few and distances are long.
Should be very familiar to our patrol ministry workers who are driving around similar areas.

…this is no ordinary mail route. Peter Rowe’s path carves a 372-mile loop through a landscape that looks extraterrestrial: the South Australian outback. Rowe doesn’t look like a typical mailman. He’s in his sixties, with friendly, round features, and today he’s wearing a polo shirt and jeans. And for that matter, he drives no ordinary mail truck: It’s a rugged, caterpillar-like four-wheel-drive minibus that can hold a dozen passengers and still leave ample space for supplies and deliveries. For a decade, Rowe has been traveling this route twice a week, delivering mail and sundries to the few human outposts that dot this endless landscape. On an average day, it’s a 13-hour trip. To pass the time he invites tourists like me to come with him.

Read the whole piece here.

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