I post this info about the Kindle edition of Ed Welch’s book Depression with one more qualification than usual.
Firstly, I haven’t read the book, the time it’s available free is short, but the author is usually helpful, and commendations from Scotty Smith and Sinclair Ferguson are encouraging.
Secondly, depression is a very wide-ranging set of personal circumstances and treatments and strategies for management must vary. So you may find information in the book personally helpful, but if you don’t it is important to keep seeking support if you believe you are suffering depression, or are seeking to support someone who is. I am not commending this as something that can ‘fix’ you or anyone you know.

Thanks, Gospel eBooks.

The blurb:

Depression-198x300Where Is God in the Struggle?
Looking away from despair towards hope can feel risky. What if God doesn’t come through for you? What if you don’t feel instantly better? Instead of offering simple platitudes or unrealistic “cure-all” formulas, Edward T. Welch addresses the complex nature of depression with compassion and insight, applying the rich treasures of the gospel, and giving fresh hope to those who struggle. Originally published as Depression: A Stubborn Darkness—Light for the Path, this new edition is updated with added content.

“I cannot overstate the importance, timeliness, and helpfulness of this book. Ed has given us the wisdom that only comes from a heart shaped by the gospel and a deep compassion for people, generated by the love of Jesus. This is a must read and a must share.”
Scotty Smith, Senior Pastor, Christ Community Church; author of The Reign of Grace and Objects of His Affection
“An all-too-rare combination of gospel understanding, biblical wisdom, personal empathy and long counseling experience shines through these pages. What is most needed is a course of divinely prescribed anti-depressants. Like a skilled spiritual pharmacist, Ed Welch fills that prescription for us.”
Sinclair B. Ferguson, Senior Minister, First Presbyterian Church, Columbia, S.C.; theologian; author of The Christian Life

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