Spiritual-Warfare-194x300Spiritual Warfare – A Biblical & Balanced Perspective by Brian Borgman and Rob Ventura (Reformation Heritage Books, 2014) aims to provide a framework for Christians to contend against spiritual darkness.
In doing so the authors affirm a biblical worldview in which supernatural and natural coexist, guarding against both a naturalistic approach to Christian life which lives without regard to spiritual realities, or at another extreme, treating life as a Christian version of ‘Ghostbusters’.
Though the book references both these tendencies, it is remains focussed on providing constructive instruction and exhortation about spiritual warfare using Ephesians 6:10-20 as a framework.
So, rather than criticising other positions, the tone throughout is pastoral. I appreciated the earnestness of the writers (who it appears have co-authored the work seamlessly). It was encouraging to be reminded that all the weaponry of spiritual warfare is given to the Christian through their salvation; while being challenged to lay hold of each aspect of Christ’s saving work as it relates to resisting temptation to sin and growing more like Jesus.
This emphasis on Christian growth and sanctification enables the reader to see how their neglect creates vulnerabilities to spiritual assault.
Of great value are two concluding chapters dealing with the proactive warfare practice of prayer. As the church to which I belong has recently emerged from an intense season of prayer arising from an accident which one of our own suffered, the content of these chapters reinforces a conviction regarding the need to continue in prayer now that the emergency has passed.
Helpful study questions serve to both summarise the content of each chapter and provide avenues for further exploration. The book is well referenced and each chapter’s end notes provide sources for further reading.
Spiritual Warfare is a biblical, accessible and concise introduction to an important intersection between Christian growth and Christian life. Pastoral and constructive in tone, it offers readers a guide as they consider what the Bible teaches about the reality of conflict with spiritual evil. Those who heed the counsel it offers will be vigilant without being fearful, and prepared to act without constant anxiety about the conflict.

The Kindle edition of Spiritual Warfare upon which this review is based was provided by Cross Focused Reviews as part of a Spiritual Warfare blog tour. A positive review was not required.

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