Apart from being a wonderful musician, Andrew Peterson has also turned his hand to creating young adult fantasy fiction.
The Wingfeather Saga: On the Edge of the Dark Sea of Darkness; North! Or Be Eaten; and The Monster in the Hollows is about to see the publication of its fourth and final volume The Warden And The Wolf King.
Peterson has launched an amazing Kickstarter to assist with publication. In only three days he has received commitments of $55,000 which will not only ensure the publication of The Warden And The Wolf King, but an amazing array of bonus materials which were included as stretch goals beyond the initial $14,000 asked for.
For my $100 pledge ($65 plus $35 for shipping), so far I’m receiving signed copies of all four books in the series, newly produced audiobooks of the third and fourth books in the series, hardcovers of books three and four, and, after $10,000 more in pledges yet another book, a companion to the series featuring the creatures of Peterson’s world. All you need is an account with Amazon and the rest is easy.
This is well worth checking out.
Best thing is, the stretch goals are already reached with the rest of the month to go.
I wonder if there’ll be any extra goals added.
And look, I’ve finally figured out how to embed Kickstarter videos on my blog.
So, now you can watch this here and then head over to Kickstarter.

One thought on “Andrew Peterson’s The Warden And The Wolf King Kickstarter Project

  1. Brian Johnson says:

    Lucinda is looking at this, with my support

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