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Two Reasons To Avoid ‘Live’ Object Lessons…

Avoid object lessons involving live animals. It can all go wrong so easily.
(Try to avoid asking children questions with all but the most obvious answers, for similar reasons.)
The video below shows what can go wrong when a bald eagle is released in the auditorium at Oral Roberts University.
While the situation of the eagle will evoke concern and sympathy, keep listening to the sermon/message for the students and then you may not know who you feel more sorry for.
Use Bible concepts as the basis for your object lessons.

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For Good – Kristin Chenoweth and A Fan Perform And Embody A Song Together

Warning: Feel good moment approaching.
This blog has a lot of time for Kristin Chenoweth.
At her concerts Chenoweth provides opportunities for fans to join her on stage when she sings For Good, a song she performed as the original Glinda in the musical Wicked.
This night she was joined by audience member, fan, and voice teacher Sarah Horn.
The result was magical, and … good.
This week I’m thinking again of those people who have come into my life as a pastor and departed from it by death, but the contact with whom has been a great blessing to me.

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The Failure Of Substituting Inconsequential Success For Struggling With The Mission Jesus Gave Us (via Tim Brister)

The goal of the local church is to struggle with what Jesus has told us to do, not settle for succeeding in that which Jesus hasn’t told us to do.

From Tim Brister:

This is where we need to be brutally honest with ourselves. As a church, are we hitting the target? Are we making disciples of Jesus? More pointedly, are we making disciples who make disciples of Jesus? The sobering fact is that I don’t know of a single church who does not struggle with this. The difference is there are those who want to grow through their struggles while there are others who, unfortunately, are happy to substitute some other target other than the Great Commission that is easier to hit. A proper handling, or stewardship, of the struggle means that we deal honestly with our challenges that recognize our dependence on Christ and our determination to keep the main thing the main thing, even when we are not that great at it.

In other words, it is far worse to succeed in what Jesus doesn’t care about than to struggle with what He has commissioned us to do. If we are a church who loves Jesus, then we will not allow inconsequential successes to tempt us to stray away from the mission He has entrusted us to accomplish. We ought to be a people who know the target, aim for it, and when we miss, don’t look for an easier target but resolve to learn from Jesus and lean on Jesus to be the people He has called us to be.

Read the whole post.

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Graeme Goldsworthy’s Notes On Jeremiah From The Gospel Transformation Bible Available For Free

I’ve been sort of noting the impending release of Crossway Publishing’s Gospel Transformation Bible, which is billing itself as a pastoral unfolding and application of the information which one might gain from a study Bible. It strives to answer the ongoing question ‘How do we see and respond to the grace of God, ultimately expressed in the person and work of the Lord Jesus Christ in these texts?’
Then I saw this post where Crossway have released a free download of the book of Jeremiah which features notes by Australian biblical theology doyen Graeme Goldsworthy.
Folks, I’d pay for notes on Jeremiah by Goldsworthy.
Additionally I’ve read that Brian Chapell has provided notes for Daniel and Kevin DeYoung on Ephesians.
This just got a whole lot more interesting.
Go and download Goldsworthy’s notes for yourself.

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Best. Welcome Speech. Ever.

A second year student gives incoming students a memorable welcome to Georgia Tech, USA.
Go and build that Iron Man suit.